A Cooking Day in Malaga – Review

Opening the large entry gates we drove up towards the old farmhouse between eucalyptus trees. The beginning of a delighful few hours in the company of Malaga-born Maite and her family home.

A Cooking Day in Malaga

After a welcome drink in the typical flower-filled patio we headed outside for a meander around the grounds. Maite showed us the different trees that generations of her family had planted. Walnuts, almonds, figs, pomegranates, lemons, oranges not to mention the hundreds, maybe thousands of olive trees that surround her lovely home.

Our visit was towards the end of summer and Maite had just returned from holiday so the vegetable garden had to come to an end. Normally produce would be freshly picked and taken back to the kitchen for preparation.

Maite isn’t a professional chef, but a passionate one who has been cooking since a child with her mother and grandmother and she loves to introduce the taste of Malaga to her clients.

Our menu prepared while having a glass of wine and goat’s cheese was Gazpacho and Malaga-style Pork in Almond Sauce.

A Cooking Day in Malaga

A refreshing, relaxed and intimate session that was enjoyable as much for the company, Maite’s English is excellent, as for the cooking experience. You will learn more than how to cook dishes here – the history of the dish, the area and the Spanish too.